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Good day friends

Today I’m writing about different workout exercises shared below as I promised in my last written post. I hope you will enjoy your workout routines knowing exactly what would be the benefits of doing ‘this’ kind of exercise.

Exercises that helped me gain more weight and muscles ❤️💃

1. SIDE KICK SQUATS : This exercise can be added to warm up exercises. It’s very important to start by warm ups to avoid injuries and quickly getting tired. This exercise will benefit you to tone your legs and improve stability, it also helps with the gain of hips, quads and glutes.

2.HIP THRUST : This is the glute exercise to improve your strength and also grow muscles, glutes as well hips extension. It makes you stronger.

3. DONKEY KICKS : Donkey kicks will strengthen your buttocks, tone your legs and glutes. It makes your legs to be stronger and tone them.

4. SIDE LUNGES : This exercise helps with hips extension, it strengthen quads, hamstrings and glutes. It also helps to tone and strengthen legs.

5. HIP EXTENSION : This exercise report itself that it focuses more on hips extension. It extends hips, strengthen and tone hamstrings, quads and glutes. It tone buttocks also.

6. PLIE SQUATS : This exercise targets hamstrings, quads and glutes. It strengthen legs, calves and glutes and increases hips. It can also help with keeping your back straight.

Keep yourself motivated all the times to keep going. 🤗

Let me share my little secret😉, my secret is that i do not enjoy all workouts exercises but i do them all because I’m motivated but goals I intend to achieve. It very important to keep motivating yourself by watching workout videos, quotes, articles about it because seasons ain’t the same, sometimes you need something to push you into doing it.

Indeed you will reach your destiny💪♥️

Please share workout exercises your enjoy mostly and those you find difficult to perform 😊

These exercises can help you burn some calories as well.

Till next time.

Stay good♥️

Your answers on gaining weight and strong muscle

The journey begins.

Being overweight and underweight is a significant health risk of an individual. Overweight may lead to obesity and high risk of chronic diseases. On the other side being underweight can lead you into experiencing health problems such as struggling with hair growth, bad teeth and skin problem. These people tend to be sick more often and they are very reluctant and always tired. Being underweight may lead into irregular periods and infertility, which is not a good experience for a human being.

It happened one day for me to fall in love with workout life. To be honest, I wanted to put more weight on my bones but along the way I learnt that it way too better to have strong muscles built up than gaining weight. Indeed I reached my goals (abs, lower body muscle gain)


As I have said that putting more weight was necessary to me because I was underweight. Maybe you are experiencing the same problem, then this is intended for you friend😍. The important key tips is to be committed through food you eat and consistency to your workout routine. I would advice that anyone who is willing to engage into physical activities to consult with his or her doctor first especially if you take any medication.

The following are tips intended to help someone gain weight and strong muscles.

1.Do compound exercises. Focus your goal on resistance exercises that will convert extra calories into your body. For example, squats, lunges, jumping jack ect.

2. Eat frequently enough calories. Familiarise yourself with more meals that contain high calories. I would take 3 to 5 meals a day including healthy snacks in my meals. It very significant to emphasise that when taking extra calories, you should focus on healthier stuff because you do not want to add weight where it’s not needed. You can try, For example boiled eggs, lean meat, milk drink enough water etc. and be a friend with a shake.

3.Avoid doing a lot of cardiovascular exercises. This is a good exercise for health purposes but do not do it much if you intend to add weight, try to go for a walk or do at least 10 min in 3 times a week.

4. Get enough nap. You should get enough sleep which is 8 hours of it and try to find best techniques to de-stress.

5. Give yourself time to rest. It’s very important to rest after certain days of workout. Maybe you can go 2 or 3 days in a row working out and rest the next day bacause muscles are built in the kitchen. Give your muscles time to grow.

6.Consistency is the key. Eating only would never let you achieve your muscle gain but being consistent to your workout routines and healthy eatings will. It is advisable to schedule time that work best for you and stick to it.

Believe me it not easy as you see them doing it but it calls for your dedication and eagerness to win it. The question is how am I suppose to know when I have won it?. The answer would be, the time you keep on sticking to your scheduled time you will enjoy it, once you skip the day you’ll never feel the same again. You’ll always have that unbeatable earger to continue day-by-day to stay strong 💪, but don’t forget to rest .

My next post will inform you about different gym equipments to use at home or gymnasium, different workouts to do and health food to eat.

Thank you friends

Feel great, stay humble and blessed 😍

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